How do I go cycling to the iron bridge in Ciudad Real?


Recently somebody asked me what was one of the pretties places in the city or even in the surroundings. So eventually I started to name many of the places around the city. But between so many options the one that catches the attention to this person is the iron bridge very close to Ciudad Real.

In the background the ironbridge in Ciudad Real over Guadiana River

Don’t get lost!

Ciudad Real is a city which also is the capital of the province with the same name. This province belong to a group of 5 resulting in the Autonomic Community named Castilla la Mancha. This Community is located at southern Madrid and Northern Andalusia, you can say it’s somewhere in the centre of Spain.

The first question was: Is it a pretty place?

Ovbiuosly it is to me but I don’t know what can you think once you are there. Your best option in order to take a decision about it, or consider if it is a pretty place or not is going there and then make it.

Panoramic pic on the way to Ciudad Real

Is that place far away from the city?

Well what can i say? It depends on what do you consider is a long or a short distance. And especialy what’s the time you are using to get to the place. The most interesting part of it is enjoying the way apart from the destination, the ironbridge in Ciudad Real.

What do you mean by enjoying the way?

It’s very simple there are many ways for arriving to the ironbridge and all of them are quiet pretty. But at the same time you need to knowing that every road has different landscapes and different vehicles are needed depending of the road. You must know thera are many things you can enjoy and depending on the seasons you can see different things on the way

Almond tree in blossom beside the road to get to the ironbridge in Ciudad Real

OK then how do I get to the ironbridge in a fast way?

I must say it’s one of the most pretty one considering the distance and you can walk or even go cycling to it.

So pay attention and follow the instructions:

The first point is going to the university of Castilla la Mancha in the outskirt of the city. Go in the direction of the high speed railway at the north eastern side of Ciudad Real. Go under the bridge where the train goes and on the left you can find another street and a pedestrian path beside it. Follow it till the crossing roads and go on straight forward on the paved street up to the next crossing road then follow the dirty road at the beginning you’ll go very close to the railways actually you can see them and the trains going by on the left.

Map and way to get to the ironbridge in Ciudad Real

Come on keep going!

Just follow the path until you get a paved roundabout. But just keep going forward because you’ll find another 3 while you can see the golf course on the left. Don’t stop you’are almost there in the last roundabout there is a dirty road just follow it till you find another paved crossing road and turn left.

Finally you are there!!!!!

As I tell you in the last turning on the left you can see the iron bridge over Guadiana river. Not more than 9 kilometres away from the city you can enjoy the landscape. Actually if you stand in the middle of the bridge you can see on the right the castle Calatrava la vieja in Carrion, wich is a close town to Ciudad Real.

But 9 kilometres is too lonf if I walk!!!

Don’t worry, the best way to get to the ironbridge and enjoying it is going by bicycle in the same way as I have told you. Especially if you like exploring the surroundings after crossing the river going over the iron bridge can take you to such a bunch of great and beautifull places as well. But that’s for another article if you ask for it in the comments

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